Tuesday 20th February 2018

If you are visiting this web-site for the first time, a very warm welcome; and for those of you who are 'old hands' welcome back! I hope you will enjoy having a look around - especially on the Radio page some fun interviews and in the Gallery section some formal as well as informal shots. The latest on the Gallery pages are some shots of my 60th birthday 'party' concert in my home church on 3rd June last year.

Also from last year is the interview with Tim Daykin on Radio Solent a couple of weeks beforehand - have a listen on the Radio page.

Last Saturday was the first anniversary of the death of my dear mother - it's hard to believe that twelve months have passed... My sister and I commemorated the occasion by taking flowers to the nursing home where Mum spent her last eight days. I continue to be grateful for all the love and support that has been shown by so many, and for the kind messages I received on Saturday too.

A few months after Mum died I celebrated my sixtieth birthday with a concert 'party' in my home church - a fabulous occasion with the church packed - thank you so much for supporting and entering into the spirit.

The celebrations continued with a short tour of cathedrals and Bath Abbey. I had a wonderful time, playing in glorious surroundings to some lovely audiences. Thank you to all of you who came along to support - it was a pleasure and privilege to perform for you. In Peterborough Cathedral I received my first-ever standing ovation - thank you SO much - an incredibly humbling experience. You really joined in the medleys of hits from 1957 and the 60s too! Thank you to you all for your kindness and birthday wishes. I was sad that it had to come to an end but have some amazing memories.

Also in Peterborough Cathedral was the amusing moment a piano tuner from Poland came to the rescue. I had been playing (tinkling!) earlier in the morning and noticed one of the notes of the lovely but ageing Steinway was sticking. By an amazing co-incidence who should be listening but a member of a visiting orchestra from Poland, Krzysztof (Chris) who just happened to be a piano technician! He knew exactly what do and using a hairpin of one of the female members of the orchestra made a temporary repair on the spot! It was a lovely moment.

I did laugh for the rest of the tour as I happened to come across a hairpin on the floor of one cathedral. Not having any use for it myself :-) I have kept it in my pocket in case I should need it again!!

I am taking a break from performing, apart from an invitation to play at our local hospice, Rowans' annual candlelit service in Portsmouth Cathedral in April - always a huge privilege to play at this kind of event. But I continue to write. John (Daniels) and I have also made contact with a music library in the US that is interested in our music, which is exciting. I am increasingly being asked to play at funerals too - something I always consider an enormous privilege.

On the Radio page are some interviews which hopefully give an insight into my life and music. For more details on Blue Is the Sky go to (you will need to type it in your browser).

I would like to share with you a comment from one of the vergers at Peterborough Cathedral that meant a lot to me. The cathedral is used to holding more formal lunchtime concerts during the summer months, but he said that some of them can be a bit highbrow and described my music as being 'inclusive rather than exclusive' - appealing to a wide range of tastes. I took what he said very much to heart and would hope that my music always serves to draw people in rather than turn them away.

And it is always heartening, and humbling too, for both John and I, to receive and read your correspondence. Thank you. I would like to share one of the messages with you and have put it on the Reviews page. It is from a lady who has heard me in Norwich Cathedral, and I am grateful for her kind permission to reproduce it, anonymously.

I am increasingly being asked where our music is available. Apart from this web-site's Online Shop, and a number of internet sites, our CDs are on sale in a number of Christian bookshops around the country. All are available through Amazon and/or to download via a number of internet sites including iTunes and CD Baby. Simply go to one of these sites and type the title and/or our names in the Search box.

Happy listening!


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