Monday 17th February 2020

If you are visiting this web-site for the first time, a very warm welcome; and for those of you who are 'old hands' welcome back! I hope you will enjoy having a look around.

New on the Radio page is a setting of the piece Blue Is the Sky on Radio Solent on 26th January to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. And new on the Remembrance page is the composition End of the Tears, written for and played at the Rowans Hospice 25th anniversary service in Portsmouth Cathedral last November. As we have done before you have an opportunity to listen to the solo piano track as well as a beautiful orcehstartion by John Daniels.

I am very excited to have been invited to be a part of an Easter-themed cruise. It will be an eleven-night voyage on MV Astoria, visiting the west coast of Scotland up as far as Stornoway and returning via Belfast, Dublin and Cork. Entertainer Jimmy Cricket is one of the guest celebrities along with Sue Hodge (who played Mimi in 'Allo 'Allo) and Frank Williams (who played the Vicar in Dad's Army). I will be playing for the services onboard during Holy Week and the Easter weekend, and will be giving a 45 min concert on Easter Sunday afternoon. I am thoroughly looking forward to it with a small amount of trepidation simply because it will be a 'first' for me! Please visit the Diary page for more details.

Apart from this I am taking time out from performing but continue to write, though mostly for pleasure. John (Daniels) and I have been working on some arrangements of worship songs that have enormous meaning and that I have been wanting to record for some time - we have put three below - simply click on a title and listen - I hope you like what we have done!

I always value and enjoy too playing as part of the worship group at Shoreline Church, a community church is Stubbington, which celebrated its 20th anniversary and moved to a new venue, the Crofton Hall at Stubbington Community Centre, earlier in the year. More details at (type in your browser). I am increasingly being asked to play at funerals too - something I always consider an enormous privilege.

My music, and that with John Daniels, continues to touch many hearts - and is especially poignant at times of sadness and loss and for reconciliation purposes. It seems to have a capacity to bring people together, and this ties in with a comment from one of the vergers at Peterborough Cathedral a couple of years ago that meant a lot to me. The cathedral is used to holding more formal lunchtime concerts during the summer months, but he said that some of them can be a bit highbrow and described my music as being 'inclusive rather than exclusive' - appealing to a wide range of tastes. I took what he said very much to heart and would hope that my music always serves to draw people in rather than turn them away.

And it is always heartening, and humbling too, for both John and I, to receive and read your correspondence. Thank you so much. I would like to share one of the messages with you and have put it on the Reviews page. It is from a lady who has heard me in Norwich Cathedral, and I am grateful for her kind permission to reproduce it, anonymously.

On the Radio page are some interviews which hopefully give an insight into my life and music. For more details on Blue Is the Sky go to (you will need to type it in your browser).

I am increasingly being asked where our music is available. Apart from this web-site's Online Shop, and a number of internet sites, our CDs are on sale in a number of Christian bookshops around the country. All are available through Amazon and/or to download via a number of internet sites including iTunes and CD Baby. Simply go to one of these sites and type the title and/or our names in the Search box.

My Jesus, My Saviour
Endless Hallelujah
I Will Offer up my Life

Happy listening!


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