The Gallery

As huge Dadís Army fans Charles and his roadie Chris spent a wonderful day at Bressingham Gardens and Steam Museum in Norfolk on 19th May 2013. It was a special 1940s Dadís Army Day featuring costumes, vehicles and music from the era Ė and of course the opportunity to visit the Dadís Army exhibition permanently on display there and to meet surviving members of the cast from the show. Some of the cast from other Croft and Perry productions were also there, along with Jimmy Perry. Charlesí favourite Dadís Army character is the Vicar so it was especially exciting to meet and chat with Frank Williams, a delightful man. Here are some shots taken on the day. The fire engine featured in the TV episode Brain Versus Brawn and Jones' van is the one from the feature film. The bottom picture (below) is of Chris with Warden Hodges (Bill Pertwee). Sadly Bill died eight days after this shot was taken. RIP.