"Thank you so much for your recent recital in Norwich Cathedral. My husband and I were very blessed. What a ministry. Last year I heard you for the first time and bought one of your CDs. We have often played it while eating our evening meal - a calming end to the day! Last year I cried through the whole recital! My mother was in a home having been there for six and a half years with Alzheimers and was in her last days. I was on my way to visit her having been away on holiday. As you played God took me right through my life from childhood. I have so much to be thankful for. Three weeks later my mum went to be with the Lord. I realised later that I had done most of my grieving while sitting in the cathedral. God had prepared the way."

Mrs M L, Norwich

"So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee."

(William Shakespeare)

"'This' is the gentle music of Charles Timberlake. Whatever your taste in music there is a place for Charles' reflective, relaxing, almost hypnotic piano-playing. Charles... is a friend of The Friends of St Peter's. He loves St Peter's Church and will be performing there on Saturday 8th June at 7.30pm... It is always a performance with Charles... and the ambience will leave you with a warm glow."

John Hiett

A Friend of St Peter's Church, Titchfield

"Charles and John have skilfully found their own niche in the music marketplace recording music which is a soothing balm to the soul. The fact that this is normally achieved by Charles recording his piano parts in Britain and John adding his synth parts in Texas says much for their dexterity... Unlike some instrumental albums these renditions never teeter into the dread field of muzak, Timberlake's elegant classically orientated piano lines avoiding such dangers. So if you're looking for music to relax or meditate with, look no further."

Tony Cummings

Reviewing Words Will Never Be Enough, Cross Rhythms

"The album title conveys the over-riding theme they [Charles and John] have strived for, with the intention being that listening to it is 'an opportunity to reflect on the fact that our lives richly encompass all different aspects of everything and everybody'. The variety of core material is impressive, all the tracks work well and the self-penned ones easily hold their own. An interesting, entertaining and ultimately soothing listen."

Doug Holland

Reviewing A Time for all Things, Cross Rhythms

"Like previous releases it combines a number of performances of well-known worship songs with originals from Charles and two from John. The intention is to inspire and uplift those who are going through difficult times. The calming soundscape includes well-known pieces such as 'Purify My Heart' and a chilled 'Be Bold, Be Strong'. Lyrics are included for the six songs... I suspect though that most listeners would just wish to relax into the warm sounds as the known and unknown pieces weave seamlessly... An album which skilfully achieves its stated goal."

Anthony Longville

Reviewing Only In Your Eyes, Cross Rhythms

"This is a quality album which far outshines many of those instrumental elevator music albums clogging Christian retailers' CD racks. A deft mix of five well-known worship songs (including two of my all-time favourites, Karen Lafferty's "Seek Ye First" and Sebastian Temple's "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace") interspersed with six Charles Timberlake and two John Daniels originals. The piano and synths are beautifully played, truly creating a meditative mood. If you're looking for music to still the raging heart, this does the job beautifully."

Tony Cummings

Reviewing Called to Freedom, Cross Rhythms

"It's got to be something to do with the deep sensitivity with which the duo meticulously treat the tunes - as if each were their very own - that results in the most relaxing and spiritually inspirational listen... The music goes deep and genuinely restores the soul."

Tom Lennie

Reviewing If You Lead Me, Cross Rhythms magazine

"Appropriately, my favourite track on first listening is "The Lion of Judah", but the title track, a real magnum opus at over ten minutes, has a lyrical quality that made me abandon my PC for a while and just relax and let it soak in. This is light years away from cheesy worship without words stuff...One of the best piano albums I've heard this millennium."

Trevor Kirk, Music Manager, UCB Radio

Reviewing Face of Gold, Cross Rhythms magazine

"What sets this album apart from the usual sort of piano stuff that is released (or sometimes escapes) is firstly that this is not dull and dismal worship without words (i.e. boring instrumental versions of well-known pieces) and secondly that it is all Charles' own work... impeccably played, properly produced and mastered (at ICC, where else?) and definitely recommended."

Trevor Kirk, Music Manager, UCB Radio

Reviewing Wings of an Eagle, Cross Rhythms magazine

"Aimed solely at the mellow instrumental 'middle-of-the-road' market, Charles Timberlake's piano dominates against a rich orchestral-style backdrop... The evocative album runs through hints of familiar melodies of worship hymns and choruses as well as new settings and themes from Charles' pen. Great background, his style is less edgy in contemporary terms than many of the other British instrumental worship recordings around which makes this album more appealing to a larger age range."

Paul Davis, Author and Broadcaster

"Charles' music is very special and he has the rare gift of touching people's hearts. Two words come to mind: love and hope."

Ramona Herklots

Christian Healer

"Charles Timberlake brings a vision of God to his music - a vision both spiritual and profound, yet intrinsically human in the relationship between Creator and created. I use his music to inspire meditation, increase perception and encourage engagement between enquirers and their God."

Ray Jones

Religious Affairs Producer, BBC Wiltshire Sound

"Charles' music can be an escape fom the isolation profoundly deaf children are born into, and the soothing vibrations can provide a lifeline into the world around them."

Jill Edwards

Music Specialist/Teacher of the Deaf

The Elizabeth Foundation

"If meditative piano music is for you, seek out this album."

Tony Cummings

Reviewing Between the Worlds, Cross Rhythms magazine

Something Music Ltd